This blog follows the life of Jennifer and her family, written soley by her father.

Due to a rare vein malformation (arteriovenous malformation) that bled late in her fetal development she endured massive brain injuries.

Due to the massive brain injuries, Jennifer has developed spastic deplegia cerebral palsy, epilepsy and she is cortically blind amongst other things.

The blog started as a need to tell a story, and quickly became an important source of information for our friends and families.

For family, friends and anyone else who cares enough to read.

Copyright © 2012-2018 Ryan Freeman


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Dear Jennifer

Dear Jennifer, It has been a year and half since I`ve shared your story. Not for lack of trying, maybe just for lack of time…? You do take up much our time like any other child, I guess we just subconsciously switched off.   Having said that, you haven`t been sicker than the period between … Continue reading Dear Jennifer

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The habit

Jennifers, lets just call them habits, have resulted in a kind of “walking on pins and needles” feeling in our house. It’s kind of like trying not to wake the sleeping baby,  only it happens every minute of every hour of every day. It’s like being in a heightened state of awareness or stress constantly. It’s … Continue reading The habit

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The extension, part 2

Ah the house, the extension, the universal design so lacking when we wanted it the most… That want quickly became a need as Jennifer has out grown every piece of equipment over the last year. She’s become crooked now…. If I said last year went fast, this year has barely existed….and yet so much has … Continue reading The extension, part 2

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When abnormal becomes normal

Define normal…? I’m guessing you took a deep breath, and then tried to answer that question. But instead of putting meaning to the word you stopped breathing for a second, looked sideways whilst your brain scrambled trying to compute the definition. Or maybe you have a clear cut defintion? I think we all think we … Continue reading When abnormal becomes normal

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