Odrun’s dad has wanted to take Jennifer here since we found out she was blind.

I’m not sure what I believe, I don’t not believe is probably the best way to sum it up.

It was a really nice gesture, and we really appreciate people going out of their way for us.

Even if we were against it, which we weren’t, it wouldn’t have mattered too much as once Gerhard has decided upon something there’s not too much that can stop him anyway.

Gerhard has had experience with this before and summed it up as ” some things just can’t be explained”

He travelled with Odrun and Jennifer, they took a flight from Bergen to Trondheim and then drove a couple of hours to a small village called Snåsa.

Odrun describes the feeling of being outside his house as ” extremely strong “, almost indescribable.

I kinda know that feeling, I was in Scotland years ago and drove through a place called Stirling. I mentioned to the guys in the car that this place had a strong and weird feeling. They turned and said ” this is where William Wallace fought his last battle before he was executed”

I remember just looking out the window into the fields and seeing a castle on top of a hill and just soaking up that feeling……

This was always going to be a hit or miss trip, he has officially stopped seeing people now so they needed a bit of luck.

When they arrived there wasn’t too many people around, but a car pulled over not too far away. Gerhard drove over, took down the window and asked if they could show him the way to Snåsamannen’s house.

It turned out they were related to Joralf and said they could show Gerhard and Odrun the way to his house, bit of a chance meeting, but a bit of luck had to fall our way sooner or later!

Gerhard knocked on the door, and at it took a long time before he answered.

At first he was not interested, but when Gerhard mentioned the visit was concerning Jennifer, he gestured Gerhard to the car with his hand and urgently said “go get her”

Gerhard ran to the car, Odrun said later she’d never seen her dad run like that.

They hurried back…..

He stepped outside……

He took his hand over Jennifer’s face…..a while passed and he said

“she can see, she’s not completely blind”

He held her hands to try and calm her down when she cried a little.

He gave clear instructions and was adamant that Odrun write him a letter in a month, not two, and tell him Jennifer’s story. Odrun was to write her telephone number in the letter.

It would be interesting if he invited us back, since he has stopped treating people.

When they returned to the hotel in the village, the receptionist said that Odrun was unbelievably lucky to have been asked to write a letter back to him.

Maybe our luck is changing……


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