Being happy


What makes a person happy?

Money? Career? Good friends and family? Stability?

On the other hand, what makes a person unhappy?

Sometimes you have to force yourself not to be miserable,negative or pessimistic, sometimes you just have to wake up to yourself, take a step back breathe in deep and take a good hard look in the mirror…..

What the hell have I got to complain about???

Life is pretty great for us “normal” people, we do without thinking, and we think without doing!

Having moved into the new house it dawns upon you just how fantastic our brains are… our old house our coffee table would be in a more or less fixed position, I somehow knew exactly where the legs on the table were, my feet would land just in the right place so as to not stub my toe on the coffee table legs or jam them under the fridge door as I opened it….

Here, in our new house I now have one less toe to balance on, and a few pretty badly swollen toes….

I complain, until I look at Jennifer!


Laughing, almost at me when I’m smashing my size 13 hooves into everything and swearing so loud the neighbours can hear me…..

I see, I walk and I talk…Jennifer does neither, but life for her is about having fun, like every other child, she just wants to have fun!

She needs equipment, she needs us and she needs a stable day to day routine. Something we think we can give both her and Emma here in Bergen.

Jennifer has never been happier than in the last month or so.

She would have 3 or 4 days where you couldn’t close the kitchen cupboard without her crying, and then she’d be happy for a few days then back to crying and complaining again. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but I think a combination of Botox, back on the reflux medicine and most importantly a stable day to day routine has made her love life more than ever.

I’ve never seen her eat and drink so well, she’s making progress towards chewing and while I don’t think she’ll be downing a steak tomorrow I don’t think she’s far away from trying clumps now….

Moving went well, and for us that have learnt how to get Jennifer comfortable with her surroundings as quickly as possible, Jennifer’s settled in really well really quickly.

She picks it up the sounds where they come from pretty quickly actually

Different textures for different rooms helps Jennifer learn quicker

I don’t profess to know everything but I do know this:

Happy children aren’t the children with the most toys, the most play equipment or the ones who are let free to run around  the neighbourhood until all hours…

Happy children are the ones who have set boundaries, strict routines and stability in their lives!

Life was far from stable or routine for us, and whilst we can’t make everyone happy, if we can make our girls happy we might even achieve making ourselves happy in the progress……



One thought on “Being happy

  1. Hi,

    What a happy little girl, can’t believe all the teeth she has.

    Looks as though she has settled really well in the new home, how is Emma liking the new home?

    I know it is early days yet, that is why I didn’t contact you in the middle of all your shifting, but are you both happy with your home, of course there will be little things that are not to your liking, even if you choose to build your own home you usually find something that didn’t turn out how you expected.

    I am getting excited about seeing you all again, just over 6 weeks before I leave Perth, please don’t go and buy anything for my arrival, I am quite happy to rough it.

    Love A Carol


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