Being kind

Jennifer may not be a lot of things, but one thing she is, is kind.

“Some people are born givers”, as the saying goes.


But are they?

Or have they been brought up to believe that being smart, wealthy or popular means nothing if your heart’s not in the right place?

Are the people who jump over others to get ahead really doing anything for society other than having their pictures published in newspapers and magazines and filling their own egos…?

Every now and then one of the truly kind people of this world get to top of the rank, and they make a difference.

Problem is though, they’re outweighed by the greedy, the single minded and the arrogant, who believe their way is the best way.


Imagine, for a few seconds, that you were incapable of communicating, you couldn’t see and you couldn’t feed yourself.

Imagine you were that person, and you were completely dependent on the kind people of this world to give you every chance of being something, to achieve the smallest of skills that everyone else takes for granted…..

The kind people of this world, the ones who spend their working lives making sure others don’t go without.

Thank someone for them, they could easily be helping your child tomorrow.

And it’s my belief that it’s people like them that make society a livable place.


A lot of people say a job is a job, but deep down there’s more to it than that.

I get the feeling it’s the feeling of helping an innocent child or person, it’s the feeling of making a difference, the feeling of being kind.

Jennifer is special, but she’s no more special than every other child who needs this kind of help.

She can, in all reality, do nothing……

I do however still believe our little girl has something special, she just needs to learn how to use it. And the fact they we have such an amazing team around her right now, with years and years of training to come I believe we’re on the right path, I believe there is something we can do for her, I believe she can do something for us.

Belief or hope? They’re probably the same thing!

I just hope she stays well enough for long enough to take onboard all this training, and give something back for all the hours of dedication put into her. I hope she knows how lucky she is and I hope she knows one day how to say thank you.


I often think about our future, what it holds.

How long can we hold onto this belief, or will the hope ever burnt out?

Will Jennifer grow old or will the her body just cave in?

And then you wake up to the negativity surrounding you and realise life’s too short to be negatively minded, too short not to laugh everyday, too short not to smile and make jokes and too short not to have fun. It’s too short to not be doing what you want, and it’s too short not to be making a difference in at least one persons life!

And of all the things that Jennifer isn’t, she is all of the above.

2013-10-04 14.13.36

A smile that can bring a tear to your eye, and a laugh that comes straight from her heart and makes you wonder how anyone normal could ever complain!

If I could just grasp that attitude, that emotion and take it with me everywhere I go….

I’d inject it into every arsehole I’d ever met, every warmonger and everyone who ever thought they were better than the next bloke.

Opinions may vary, and variation is great, it’s what makes us better.

But imagine a world where the foundations of those opinions were based on kindness, and kindness alone……

2013-10-04 14.28.18


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