The hip operation

Jennifer’s fifth operation, her longest and undoubtedly her most painful…

She was first due to have the operation around February but woke the morning before with a fever. We stayed overnight at the hospital anyway but the surgeons cancelled it in the morning. No risks.

She was booked in a month later.

For Jennifer she’s none the wiser,  for Odrun and I it meant another month of phsycing ouselves up for something we know is going to hurt us all physically and emotionally!

It’s the hardest of tasks, I envy Jennifer in that sense….


I took the first night, not much sleep but that’s nothing unusual for us.

Jennifer was in great form the next morning, charming all the nurses on her way to the operating theater..

Enjoy it now I said, it’ll be different when we get back.


I sat with her in the operation theater,  still none the wiser until an anesthesiologist poked her not once, not twice but three times trying to get her IV in.

Jennifer has never been so angry before, she screamed the theater down until the surgeon, who was across the hall, came in and asked what was wrong.
He knows Jennifer fairly well, and that was a sound he’d never heard her make before….

That’s makes 2 of us…

Eventually they decided to use a mask to put her to sleep, needless to say that went much better.

They usually drag the parents out straight after the child falls alseep, I’ve done this so many times now I was out the door before they even spoke.

I’d love to give Jennifer a kiss and say good luck, capture a picture of my daughter in my head in case the worst ever happened, but I’m not allowed.

I walk out, bottling every emotion running through me like we do far too often….

I don’t talk to anyone nor do I knowledge their standard directions….

I just keep walking….

Walking back to my room this time I wondered how the next month would pan out, how much pain will this cause and how long can we deal with this…

Every operation up to that point had been a struggle afterwards, and this being by far the most painful I certainly had no expectations of a miracle!

4 hours later a nurse approached me and said I could visit Jennifer in recovery.

4 hours is a long time for such a fragile little girl to be under the knife, I cringed with the thought of how she’d wake.


When I arrived she’d woken fine, much to my surprise but much to my pleasure.

She was recieving an epidural, so now anyone who’s given birth at least can contemplate the pain she was going through.

My shift was over, and Odrun took over for the next 24 hours.

Originally Jennifer was supposed to sleep in recovery that night, the anesthesiologist was a cautious one and that meant wanting Jennifer staying in recovery all night for fear her lungs may collapse….

As soon as his shift was over, Odrun and Jennifer went back to her room…

That’s a fairly good example of the contridiction we experience in a day at the hospital, and that’s why it’s so important to keep seeing the same people everytime. If they don’t exactly operate under the same guidelines, at least they operate with the same attitude.

The first few nights were rough, Jennifer was exhausted but extremely uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep more than ten minutes at a time. We were petrified of moving her and she was extremely touchy.

It took a few days for Jennifer to come around, but only 4 days after the operation we were at home.

The day after we came home, we went down the beach.


To think that only 7 days after her longest and most painful operation Jennifer was back at kindy is incredible, not quite a miracle, but not far off either….


Her adaptability in most circumstances in unreal, she’ll accept almost any circumstance now for a certain amount of time.

The saw that removed the cast was the funniest part for Jennifer!

It was a long 4 weeks for Odrun and I, just changing a nappy took 20 minutes. Making sure her cast didn’t get wet.

Lifting her in the most awkward positions…

Jennifer still has physio to do, and from personal experience that will be hard for her.

If only she knew that it’s for the greater good….

Or maybe she does?

If every operation went this well I’d be putting my hand up for the next one….

Except they don’t!

But at least now we have reason to believe they can!


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