Being married..

Trying to understand a woman…..


Something like the picture above??

Imagine my luck when my wife gives birth to 2 more females, and I’m left all alone in the corner trying to figure out these three specimens….

2009-02-02 11.41.41

You'll search far and wide for two more contrasting experiences than these
You’ll search far and wide for two more contrating experiences than these

No wonder I want my own lockable TV room with sound proofing.

Just kidding, it’s not that bad in my house.

I chose the right the one.

Then I was lucky enough to get 2 more.

But I once thought that having kids was never for me, the crying, changing nappies, dealing with tantrums etc etc.

I’d never even changed a nappy before Emma was born.

Odrun on the other hand, the complete opposite. Kind hearted, warm, caring, compassionate and patient.
Born to be a mother, not all woman are…

Today, Odrun and I have been married for 10 years…
Not exactly new to the concept but not exactly professionals either.


Being married, having a mortgage, juggling work and kids…. pfft
Piece of cake!

Add Jennifer to that equation though….

To say that the last 3 and a half years has tested our marriage would be contradictory to the term itself.


People used to ask us just after Jennifer was born how our marriage was coping…
In hindsight the question was never an issue, side by side with the same goal, we’ll get through this together.

No one’s ever asked us since.

And during that time we’ve experienced some fairly turbulent times, none of which I’d like to revisit any time soon.

My wife never gives up on me, no matter how hard it gets, she’s right there supporting me.

We’re complete opposites, but we’re best friends.

Odrun’s the only person who fully understands me.
And that in itself is quite an achievement!

I’m proud to be your husband, and the father of our children.


I love you despite the fact I’ve spent a third of our marriage waiting for you…

You’ve taught me the meaning of partnership.

If I had to choose any one person to walk this journey with I’d choose you…. over and over and over again.

It’s just lucky for me I never had to choose.

We’ve been through more in the last 10 years than the average couple will experience in a lifetime.
And despite everything we’ve done we both know that we will outlive one of our children.
Our toughest time undoubtedly lies ahead of us….

Thankfully that time will be by your side, cause I could never do it without you!


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