The extension, part 2

Ah the house, the extension, the universal design so lacking when we wanted it the most…

That want quickly became a need as Jennifer has out grown every piece of equipment over the last year.

She’s become crooked now….

If I said last year went fast, this year has barely existed….and yet so much has happened.

We’ve had tradies here since July, and they were inside our house for half that time.
Now that they’re gone, I guess all is forgotten.

And that’s probably the only thing that got us through, knowing the end would come.

2013-11-01 10.54.01
Our house before the extension

2015-12-30 16.43.37

DSC_0003 (2)
Our house is situated on an old farm, which is under planning for a new estate

2015-12-30 16.44.292015-12-30 16.45.26

During that time we lived in living room, Jennifer slept, ate and was changed there…

For her it didn’t matter, she knows no better.

For us it was exhausting, lack of sleep combined with work, school, and renovations…..

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We’ve come to the realisation that the past 5 months of work done on the house is a direct result of the past 3 and half years of planning.

Ever since we decided to move here, we’ve been building to this point in time, this goal, this one final result….

An overwhelming sense of satisfaction, relief or something in that category…

As sleep deprived as we are, we’re content.

Another problem we can cross off the list.

It makes our lives so much easier, so much less chaotic, so much less strain and pressure….

When we started planning I could never imagine just how much it helps to have the right equipment at the right time.

2015-12-30 16.13.49

No matter how many times people told us, nothing compared to experiencing it ourselves.

And just in time too, because her first wheelchair is right around the corner.

2015-12-27 15.21.312015-12-27 15.22.12

It’s funny the stages we go through, the way people talk to us, the way they indirectly warn of us the future.

Just the other day someone said that if the council doesn’t help us more then the council will find Jennifer on their own doorstep…

I know that they’re indirectly asking us to get help with regards to Jennifers poor sleep patterns.

In my eyes the council has done heaps for us, we need not push our luck.

So where do we go from here?

A house that is as suitable for Jennifer as it ever could be.

But a Jennifer who still can’t sleep through a night…

“All’s well that ends well” someone once said…

But when does it end?

All’s well for now at least, we’ve just got too much experience at this game now that we dare not relax too long.

Cause all good things come to an end, don’t they?


One thought on “The extension, part 2

  1. From my experience the hardest part is learning to take a day at a time while still looking ahead enough not to be taken by surprised. It’s definitely not an easy road. Your daughters are lovely and your house addition with all it’s amenities is enviable. Hope your New Year brings some relief in the sleep department. It’s difficult to stay positive when you’re sleep deprived.


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