Dear Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

It has been a year and half since I`ve shared your story. Not for lack of trying, maybe just for lack of time…?

You do take up much our time like any other child, I guess we just subconsciously switched off.



Having said that, you haven`t been sicker than the period between June 2016 and June 2017. I can`t remember the actual figure but I`d estimate around 50 appointments or days off from kindy during that period.









The last 6 months however have been the complete opposite.

We have solved almost all your ailments, there`s just one we can`t get rid of.

The big school girl, prouder we couldn`t have been.




You`ve charmed your way into people hearts, like only you can.

Who couldn`t adore that smile….?

Many have unfortunately during that time, judged you directly on the way you presented yourself in that very moment they saw you.

Sorry sweety, but they always will.


Unable to conquer their fear of uncertainty or embarrassment, they have missed out on something truly special.

They missed out on you!

A once in a lifetime opportunity to be humbled by something so unique…

6 years ago today we experienced our worst nightmare, our absolute greatest fear….


You are everything we’d hoped you wouldn’t be.

I never thought I could care for a child like you, I never thought I could learn how to do it.

But you have humbled me by being the exact opposite of that nightmare.

I am forever in your debt.

You never speak a word yet you say so much.



I think some may never have given you a chance of making it this far.

And to them we say fuck you……

We have never given up on you.

Cause remember the person who gave up?

That`s right, nobody does!







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