This blog follows the life of Jennifer and her family, written soley by her father.

Due to a rare vein malformation (arteriovenous malformation) that bled late in her fetal development she endured massive brain injuries.

Due to the massive brain injuries, Jennifer has developed spastic deplegia cerebral palsy, epilepsy and she is cortically blind amongst other things.

The blog started as a need to tell a story, and quickly became an important source of information for our friends and families.

For family, friends and anyone else who cares enough to read.

Copyright © 2012-2018 Ryan Freeman



  1. Very heartwarming story you tell about your family. I understood every word, and enjoyed it immensely. I too have a genetic disorder and was told lies from so many doctors about bringing children into this world. I found a great geneticist who found out my disorder and gave me hope of having a normal child. I say hope because if you give your patients no hope, giving up to me is a waste of time. I dedicated your book, “Jennifers’ Story” “A FRAIL LIFE”, to the geneticist who gave me hope.
    Ruthi Wolfson


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